Teka took a win at the Canadian Nationals

Teka took a win at the Canadian Nationals

Teka, my dream-come-true Shih Tzu puppy, is my number 1 girl and the light of my life. She has lovely, fluid movement and great big eyes. She is a lot of dog in a solid compact package. She has good substance, great reach and drive, and was very easy to show. By the time she championed in both the US and Canada, she would just show herself as if I wasn’t even there, finishing in both countries in 1 season. She is a gold and white, but with a lot of dark color, and her show coat had a lot of red. She had an easy care coat,, quite smooth and of excellent texture. Her days are now spent being on my lap and not sharing me willingly with the others and.. whatever Teka wants, Teka gets.

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Another Group 2 in Bred-by-Exhibitor

Another Group 2 in Bred-by-Exhibitor

Coco, a Teka daughter out of her 1st litter of Shih Tzu puppies, has the most beautiful coloring. She is registered as a red & white, but is quite brindle. The shades blend thru her coat in the most amazing way. Her coat is very straight and silky, and tho she had been championed for months, she still ran around the house in full coat until her first litter came, as she didn’t tangle at all. I only brushed her out about once a week and just didn’t want to cut that beautiful coat off until I had to. She has large dark eyes, excellent pigment, a beautiful large round head and a picture-perfect bite. She is very elegant, and is a lovely mover, with long free movement in both the front and rear and an excellent forechest. She is quite a lady in every way, and finished easily in a few shows, finishing in the Bred-by class with two group 2 placements in Bred-by competition.

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Allie's beginning in the show ring

Allie’s beginning in the show ring

Allie is Coco’s Shih Tzu puppy littermate sister, and is a spitfire with a lot of attitude and energy. She is a smaller compact girl with big movement and a pretty face. She has amazing drive behind! She is a silver and white with black markings, which is quite nice to keep clean. Since she earned her championship, she spends her days making sure that everyone else in the house is doing what she thinks they should.  She won a group 1 in Bred-by-Exhibitor competition along with several Best of Breeds, finishing her championship in May 2011 as we struggled to find majors that would hold. She is now cut-down and continuing her job as house manager.

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Best-in-Show Bred-by-Exhibitor

Best in Show in Bred-by-Exhibitor competition

Best in Show in Bred-by-Exhibitor competition

Scarlett had so much enthusiam like Cowboy her father, that showing her was a hoot , as she was everyone’s best friend, but she had trouble containing herself; the only thing holding her cells of enthusiasm together was her skin. She is a super mover, a lot of dog in a medium package, having long reach and drive, with a very level smooth topline. She has a lovely straight, tangle free coat. She is an extremely affectionate girl and has been since her litter was  Shih Tzu puppies. She earned her championship from the Bred-By class and took Best in Show Bred-By Exhibitor the day she earned her championship.  Like her mom, Coco, she ran around in coat for over a month after becoming a champion, and tho I only ran a brush thru her long, thick coat about once a week she just didn’t tangle.

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Brandy's 1st win, 15 mos of age

Brandy’s 1st win, 15 mos of age

Brandy, a red and white, is a full sister to her champion sister Scarlett, but a different litter.  While Scarlett looks more like her mom, Coco, Brandy is more like her daddy, Cowboy.  She has no desire to grow-up, but prefers to spend her time playing and wrestling with the younger Shih Tzu puppies.  She is also a cuddle bug.  She has lovely movement, a gorgeous wide bite and a big, round head, which is so correct for a shih tzu. She jumps like a deer and should probably be an agility dog.  I wish she would “tone it down” a bit, because sometimes she scares me the way she jumps off things in the house…she knows no fear!

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Lacy's 1st Major, 5 points

Lacy’s 1st Major, 5 points

Lacy is Yogo’s littermate sister. She is a stick of dynamite in a small package. She is a brindle color with straight hair of silk, which is a breeze to care for. She has no fear of anything, the whole world is her best friend, and I have to be ready because she will run at me and leap, expecting me to catch her, at which point I am smothered with enthusiastic kisses. Her very 1st time in the ring at 6 mos I had not even leash trained her but put her in to build points for a major. It was a job to not let the judges see her movement. She won Best Shih Tzu Puppies and a group 1 for Best Toy Puppy that same day. Even though I was trying to keep her from winning, she took reserves to a major that same weekend. She is championed with several Group 1’s in Bred-by-Exhibitor to her credit.  I now call her my ‘velcro’ dog as the second I sit down, she is tight up against me and doesn’t move.  She gets one side of  my bed pillow and Teka gets the other ( I get a small spot in the middle), but I love it!

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Keila, Red’s mother, is a gold and white, very sweet, feminine girl, with a gentle nature. She has huge dark eyes, great pigment, and a lovely bite. She championed in both the US and Canada, and after her last win, I kept her in the ring to hold a major, and had a young girl show her. She was not suppose to win, but Keila had other ideas, and self-showed, almost winning again.  The judge was quite taken-in by her, and she worried us by going reserve, almost taking the major that day as well. She has a lot of charm in her demeaner, and has been melting hearts since she was a Shih Tzu puppy.  She has a habit of standing in place and dancing her feet while talking to me when she wants something. It usually works too!
Keila no longer lives with me, but wass the center of her new family’s love and attention, and because she lived close, I still got to see her often, which I loved!  She has now passed away…such a sweet, sweet girl.

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AM/CAN CH JAZZIE’S SAPPHIRE, PEARL & ONYX, “ANNA”Anna 1st major 14mos (2) edited

Anna is a clear black and white who was an amazing Shih Tzu puppy. She championed quickly in both the United States and Canada. Her wins included a Best Puppy-in-Show in Canada at 10 months of age, her 2nd weekend out and a Best Puppy in Sweeps beating 80 other puppies. She also had a group 2 and a group 3 in all-breed competition in the US. I especially enjoyed this as I was the only owner/handler in the line-up. She is a very balanced mover with “big” movement, long and free, and a level, smooth topline.
She is outgoing, affectionate, and loves to play with her toys.   Anna now lives about 2 hours from me where she is the princess of her home, tho it was extremely difficult for me to let her go to a new home, but she is very happy.  Anna passed away in early 2018.  How I miss her….

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Beautiful Sophie

Sophie is an Allie daughter (Allie is littermate to Coco).   She has a very quiet personality, and has a gentle nature, but loves to run and play.  Sophie is a silver and white like her mom and a very pretty mover.  She has the same lovely eyes and compact style.  She showed beautifully.

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Cowboy, new championCowboy, who really shined as a Shih Tzu puppy, finished his championship from the Bred-By class at 10 months with 3 majors, 2 group 1’s in Bred-By-Exhibitor, and several best-of-breeds after only showing a short time. He has a great temperment and was very outgoing in the ring. When he knew we were on the way to ringside, he would get very excited, which was great for attitude, but hard to keep combed. He is a very enthusiastic boy!
Cowboy is a red and white with nice black pigment and a large dark eye. He has beautiful long ground-covering movement with a level topline and no bounce at all. He has great kick and drive in the rear end, and excellent reach in the front. This boy can really move! He is the father of my girls, Scarlett and Brandy.  Cowboy is now living in WY.  I miss him so much.

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Yogo, new champion (2) edited

The famous gems of Montana, the Big Sky Country, are the Yogo Sapphires.  They are extremely beautiful and are sapphires of excellent quality.  My Yogo is named after these gorgeous stones.  He is now the father of several Shih Tzu puppies.  He is out of the girl who holds my heart, Teka, and is a handsome boy, very sweet, cuddly like a teddy bear to hold.  He has a beautiful face, lovely wide bite, and great movement, a dog of excellent quality.  I laugh at him because as a puppy I called him the boy with the big “booty”.
He has a lovely wide rear-end and a lot of movement behind, smooth, level and flowing.  His coat is amazing in quality…thick, tangle-free and with lovely texture.  He is a dream-come-true for me and I am so delighted to have him in my house.  His first time in the ring at 7 mos he took a 3 point major,  went Best-of-Breed the next day, and has won BOB several more times.  He makes his own rules, and there is no sleeping in a pen for him; he has the run of the dog room…spoiled noooo, well maybe a little, but he’s worth it!


Remi, new champion, 3rd major

Remington came to live with us when he was 4 months old.  At the age of 6 months, I needed a dog to perfom a difficult training test within the next 2 months, consisting of a 10 part behavior chain including several different types of cues, verbal, physical, object, etc.  After only 2 months of training, Remi performed his test flawlessly the 1st time he was tested.  I was so proud of him.  He is a charachter and loves to play “training”.  He was a creative puppy, climbing the bookcase, but he couldn’t get back down, pulling chairs out to get on them, etc.  He kept me busy and laughing.  He is now a conformation champion, a father to more Shih Tzu puppies and now is up to new games and tricks.

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Rocky is a very sweet affectionate boy out of Ch Sapphire’s Laced With Diamonds and sired by Am/Can Ch My Dreams Foreign Affair from Alberta, Canada.  He is a very mellow, laid-back boy.  He enjoyed helping teach basic Family Dog Manners classes and watching Puppy Start Right classes.  Unfortunately, he and Smooch didn’t get along very well, so a decision had to be made.  Rocky now lives in a new home in Kalispell with a lady who adores him and 2 cats, who he thinks are awesome.  He will still be used for breeding at Sapphire Shih Tzu.

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Red is a sweet, sweet boy who lives with a family in my area. He is a pampered pet and has a la”Red”, a son of Cowboy and Keila, and the “pick” Shih Tzu puppy from that litter, is a conformation champion from the Bred-By class, finishing his championship with 2 five point majors/ best of winners as well as a group 2 in Bred-By. He is a pretty mover with a long stride and good reach and kick, very upheaded. He has a very outgoing personality.  Red is now enjoying being the center of attention and love with his “forever” family, but I still get to see him.

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